Puffercover is a bespoke event-cover solution created for Kiwis.

Designed to be customisable - you can create huge platform concerts, ground-level theatres with backstage areas, or seal it up to be used as a marquee. Anything you can think of, we've got you covered, no pun intended.

Forget the complicated (and expensive) infrastructure of forklifts and scissor lifts, Puffercover does not require any external machinery to install and are much faster than standard scaffoling structures to install. The inflation itself only takes 15 minutes. The Puffercover is like nothing you've ever seen. Talk to us about how we can incorporate it into your event!



Flat Screens are dead!

Puffersphere is a completely new and exciting method of content projection. 

Puffersphere allows for 360 degree projection on a 1.6M or 2M diameter globe. it's a unique and totally different platform to use to get your message across. Simple, flexible and tour-toughened, the Puffersphere offers a full 360 video display with no blank spots and set-up in under 15 minutes.

Rugged and modular, the Puffersphere's versatility allows stunningly simple volumetric video installations across multiple environments.


D&B Q Series

Sound System

Regarded globally as being one of the best sound systems on the planet our D&B Q series is the only D&B hire stock in the top half of the north island.

We have Q10, Q1 top boxes, B2 and Q subs all powered by D12 amps.

Out on the recent Avalanche City tour the D&B is a great small box for intimate shows. As we discovered at KIWICREAM with bands like Shihad, Supergroove, Opshop and Kids of 88 the D&B fills a stadium with a full loud quality sound.





Pixel Drape

Our Pixel Drape is a cloth embedded with LED. In essence it’s a low resolution screen that lives somewhere between a lighting effect and a large screen.

Being made of cloth, the pixel drape is more versatile than a standard solid screen: it is light, flexible, easy to erect and folds to a small size. It can be curved or straight and we have even rigged it as a ceiling.

The controller will accept virtually any video source. Currently we have in stock 100m and 50mm pitch drapes. Seen recently as a backdrop at RWC Party Central, pixel drape is a effective way to liven up a large area.


Outdoor Tent Stage

Having done a variety of mid sized outdoor events we realized there was a gap in the market for something a little different. We have a great package with a freeform 20x15 cover, prolyte stage decks, 7.5m truss speaker towers.

We have also in stock the other items needed for an outdoor concert: Temporary fencing, bike rack, easy up tenting and backstage furniture. We have the whole package ready for a piece of grass to put it on.